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Care of Your Rod

Of course, you should always wipe down your equipment after each use when you are done fishing.  Elements in the water could build up over time and create problems for you when you least expect it.

Storing of your rod is important.  Rod Socks help protect them!  It’s a sad day when you pull a rod out of your boat and an eyelet got hooked on something or bumped something while going in and you break it off when you need it most.  Just bending an eyelet weakens the performance of your rod.  When you are done fishing for the day, cover your rod before you put it away so that it’s protected for the next time you need it.

For best performance, at least twice a year, you should remove the reel to clean and oil it.  This will help prevent an unexpected mishap when you’ve hooked that big one!

Use a cotton ball or cotton swab to clean the eyelets to remove any build-up inside the eyelet.  You can also use them to check for cracks on the eyelet which could cause line damage.  If your cotton swab gets hung in the eyelet, you’ve got an issue with that eyelet.

Store your rod vertical in a rack.  NEVER lean it against a wall for a long period of time.